Developed Building

Jan Rubin Associates, Inc.

JRA, Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in Construction Services and Real Estate Development. Working with a myriad of clients across the country, JRA has brought to fruition over a half billion dollars worth of projects.

JRA's clients include lenders, investors, contractors, construction managers, developers, property owners, non-profits, public housing authorities, and city, county and state governments. With our clients, we create tools and manage resources that preserve and revitalize a broad mix of often challenging urban environments.

Why JRA?

Discovering & Monetizing Untapped Opportunities

Leveraging our experience, relationships and knowledge of the business, we create roadmaps for specialized projects that have never been done before.

Creating Order Out of Chaos

Our management experience provides the foundation for overseeing complicated, multilayered deals even under the most trying circumstances.

Listening, Listening... and then Leading

Successfully managing diverse agendas means actively listening to our clients' needs by continually asking and answering questions through open dialogue.


JRA's multifaceted development and construction experience spans over 20 years with activities that run the gamut from:

Residential to Commercial

Historic Rehab to New Construction

Low Income Housing to Luxury Condos

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